If the destination I would like to visit is not currently provided, may I request a tour?
Absolutely! Please contact our team and tell us what destination you're interested in.
Do your tours include accommodations?
Hotels and transportation are typically included. Meals and additional accommodations depend on the tour. Please visit our tour page for more details.
Are all tours conducted by Thomas Kokta?
No, we have a team of qualified tour leaders with different areas of expertise.
Do you have tours to destinations that are in your blogs?
No, we only have tours to places that are listed in "Tours" tab. Destinations in our blogs are just recommendations for travelers. However, please feel free to contact us through our email if you are interested in requesting a tour to those places.
How do I know what to bring on my tour?
Check out our infographic "Traveling Soon? Here Are Some Things to Bring" for more information on what to bring on your tour. If you have more specific questions, head over to our Contact Us page and ask us a question!
Can I go on a tour if I have never traveled before?
Absolutely. Our experienced tour guides will make sure you have a great time whether you are a seasoned traveler or have never left your home town!
How do I contact A Life of Travel?
Email us at info@alifeoftravel.com or go to our contact page https://alifeoftravel.com/contact/
Where else can I find A Life of Travel?
Find us on Facebook @alifeoftravel, on Instagram @alifeoftravel_ourblog, and our Pinterest account @alifeoftravelwebsite
Who are the authors of the blogs?
We have a team of Washington State University students with expertise on the various travel blog posts.
How should I pick which tour to go on?
This is up to your interests and schedule! Check out the climate and activities for different locations and don't be afraid to reach out for any travel questions.
Is it recommended to travel alone or bring a friend?
We leave this up to you, but don't be afraid to come alone. Other A Life of Travel tourists will be in the same boat and it's a great opportunity to make friends.
Am I allowed a refund if I cancel?
You are! However, you cannot cancel within 2 weeks before the tour. Other than that, your funds will be processed back into your account in 3-7 business days.
What if I’m uncomfortable with having a trip as a big group? Do you provide tours for small groups?
Yes, we do provide service for small group or private group, and the price may vary.
What's included with my trip?
All the things...from booking flights and choosing accommodations. We provide services a full-time Tour Director and daily breakfast. We have a list of service that we provided. Let us know if you want to add on extra service.
Do you have an age requirement?
You must be minimum 18 years old for attending some of the activity, and if you are 18 and under, we need you to have signature from his/her guardian. From the activities we include to the places we stay, our trips are designed for the young, free, and adventurous.
What are the important information I should prepare before booking a plan?
First, setting a budget and share it with us, so we could plan for a realistic, enjoyable, and memorable itinerary for a price you are comfortable with.
I require special accommodations because of dietary, mobility or other restrictions. What should I do?
We will do everything possible to accommodate your requests and needs. We can accommodate you by letting us know about your needs ahead of time, the earlier we know about your special request, the better we can prepare and assist you. We recommend travelers with mobility challenges could bring a travel-mate for best assist.
If I have memberships with the hotel or the airline that are included in a tour that you offer, can I still book the flight ticket and reserve a room at that hotel by myself so I can use the membership benefit that I have?
Yes you can do that. However, the price for the tour package would remain the same even you don't use our service for booking flight ticket or for hotel reservation. We would recommend you to use our service to save your budget.
Do I need a visa to travel abroad?
It depends on which country you are planning to going to. You can always check if a visa isrequired to visit the country on the website https://www.travisa.com/Visa_Search
If I travel with a group of friends or with my family, can I request hotel rooms to be adjoining?
You just need to note it on your reservation and we will request the hotel to assign rooms that are next to each other for you. However, please note that the hotel cannot always assure that rooms will be next to each other in even requesting in advance because of the occupancy. We will make sure that the hotel can at least assign your rooms close to each other.
I’m a solo traveler. Is it possible to have a roommate during my trip?
Please let us know on your registration for the tour that you travel alone and want a roommate. We can’t assure but we will find other solo travelers that also want to stay with a roommate to pair up with you.

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