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What Type Of Millennial Are You?
A Hightech Millennial

You live for your smart phone. You are highly active on social media and might even be a content creator. You have no idea where you'd be without the internet.
A Old School Millennial

Unlike your millennial counterparts, you don't subscribe to the latest millennial trends. You don't have a Facebook account and think smartphones are ruining our brains. You're a pretty conservative person in nature and prefer tradition over novelty.
A Hip Millennial

When people look at you, they know 100% that you're a millennial. You're always wearing the latest trends and styles as seen on Instagram. Yes...you love everything millennial from essential oils to succulents to vape pens.
A Millennial Mommy

You're a young millennial mom who loves to pamper her little one with all the latest baby gadgets and gizmos. You see your parenting journey as an opportunity to make ether world a better place reusable diaper at a time.

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